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Learning Symfony 4

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Build PHP applications the modern way with Symfony 4, a popular PHP model-view-controller (MVC) framework. In this course, Mike Oram steps through how to build a PHP-based web app in Symfony. He explains how to install and configure Symfony and start saving time with typical development tasks, such as rendering content with templates. Mike also goes over how to create services with the service container, work with data using the Doctrine object-relational mapper, and implement middleware. After wrapping up this course, you'll have the tools you need to leverage Symfony to get a head start on your PHP projects.

Topics include:
Installing Symfony
Exploring the Symfony file structure
Creating routes
Creating services with the service container
Working with data using Doctrine
Creating templates with Twig
Authentication with middleware



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    利用流行的PHP MVC框架Symfony 4,以现代化的方式开发PHP应用。在本狗万赢钱取现简单_狗万赢钱 提现快_狗万体育客户端中,Mike Oram会一步步第带你学习如何使用Symfony开发一款基于PHP的web应用。他会讲解如何安装和配置Symfony,以及通过典型的开发任务,如通过模板渲染内容以节省时间。Mike还会讲到如何创建带有服务容器的服务,使用Doctrine面向对象映射处理数据,以及部署中间件。在学习完本狗万赢钱取现简单_狗万赢钱 提现快_狗万体育客户端,你将掌握利用Symfony全新开发PHP项目。 主要内容:安装Symfony;了解Symfony文件结构;创建路由;创建带有服务容器的服务;使用doctrine处理数据;使用twig创建模板;使用中间件认证。